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Be part of the largest portal about the Klingon language. Search the archives to learn Klingon: Since its initiation in march 2014, 423 articles have been added to this wiki. Find out what you need to learn this exciting language.
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This wiki is made for beginners of Klingon, but also for those like to spread the word. So start now and work on it! Editing this wiki is really easy, so don't hesitate: add whatever you like and somebody else will take care of the formatting.

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Contents of this wiki

A wiki is by nature dynamic, so a static table of contents cannot adequately serve as a way to navigate. However, here are some entry points where you may begin your exploration of (and contribution to) this resource.

folder Grammar

A place to describe all the aspects of Klingon language.

folder Vocabulary

Find out how to use specific words.
  • The history behind the word for armpit
  • Why does the word woj have two meanings?
  • How to say I love you

folder Canon

Anything that is considered canon:

folder Star Trek

Please only write about topics related to the Klingon language. We know that Klingon has been spoken in Star Trek III, but we don't need endless stories about ships, weapons or food. There are other wikis made for that.

folder People

Klingonists and other persons.

folder Phrases and Expressions

Famous Klingon quotes and expressions.

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The Bird of Prey Poster is a three foot large poster displaying the components ...
Felix Malmenbeck is an exprienced klingonist from Sweden. His Klingon ...
Star Trek began as a television series of one hour episodes; now it's a ...

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